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DOGANA Loan Program
Dow Graduate Association of North America has received several requests for financial assistance from DOW graduates. They have included requests for help for Dow graduates who are applying for residency in the US, financial assistance to help for travel expenses and examination fee etc. It is our feeling that in the coming months and years these fund requests will increase exponentially.
Host a Dowite Program
We as dowites should help these young physicians at least during their travel within USA. Many dowites have helped provide accommodation to the young physicians but in a sporadic fashion. DOGANA has decided to organize this ef-fort and channelize it properly. This program is for the benefit of the young physicians who will need accommodation in different cities during their interview process.
Housing Opportunities in USA
DOGANA is collaborating with APPNA to provide housing to Dow graduates in different cities in United States. Housing is available for students in APPNA GHAR New Jersey, APPNA Houses in New York, Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI.
General Donation
Through general donation you can donate to our many other small and big projects.